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We can imprint with edible inks almost any picture or graphics file on edible paper.

email your file to

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  • $10.00 USD for a 10"7"-maximum print or
  • $20.00 USD for a 16"x10"-maximum print.
  • Graphics compositions are available for a fee.
  • S&H charges apply for shipping orders.


  • We print on starch frosting sheets only.
  • Starch frosting sheets are thin and incorporate easily onto buttercream and even more so on whipped cream.
  • Frosting sheets can be applied to other toppings such as rolled Fondant, chocolate candy and Royal Icing.
  • Frosting sheets should be protected from exposure to light and humidity before being used.  They may last months if properly saved.
  • Once they are used on a frosting, they will last according to said conditions.  For instance, if applied on whipped cream, they only last no more than a day, while if applied on Royal Icing they may last weeks.

If you have further questions, contact us.


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